New Spider-Man: No Way Home Poster Has Hidden Villains

New Spider-Man: No Way Home Poster Has Hidden Villains Neil Druckman wraps on the last of a set and vin diesel calls the rock out yeah let’s drop it.

More spidey news just hit the web hi pun intended with a new poster for spider-man no way home now in it we get our first small look at Willem Dafoe’s green goblin and subtle hints at a few other sinister villains now following the reveal of Alfred Molina’s doctor octopus in the first trailer for the film we see his tentacles on full display in the poster.

Now shown in all his green glory over spidey’s left shoulder is the green goblin yeah look how dope that is now also in the poster.

We see signs of a sandstorm kicking up as well as a single bolt of lightning now these can be assumed to be teases for both sandman and electro portrayed by thomas hayden church and jamie foxx respectively now while it’s not officially confirmed that they’ll be making an appearance in the film yet marvel has given eagle-eyed viewers and fans enough hints and clues to assume that those two members of the sinister six will be showing up and with a reported run time of two hours and 39 minutes marvel studios is possibly making quite a hefty meal out of spidey’s traversal through.

The multiverse by giving proper screen time to all the potential cameos now with members like green goblin and doc ock confirmed to be making an appearance in nowhere home along with hints of sandman and electro does this mean.

We’ll likely see the full sinister six now other members of the villainous group Mysterio and the vulture have already appeared on the big screen in previous spider-man outings so it’s more than possible for all six villains to join forces to take the fight to spider-man or potential spider-man yeah.

Now, still no confirmation on whether we’ll see toby McGuire or Andrew Garfield reprising their roles but you know if they don’t it’ll be one of the biggest upsets in MCU history.

I mean to have a few of these villains from previous spider-man movies return and not the guys who were the titular heroes in said films would be a travesty now this is the last in the homecoming trilogy so you either go big or you go home baby and it definitely looks like spiderman no way home is going big in theaters December 17th but i would love to know what y’all think about this what do you think of the return of green goblin and who else do you think will be making an appearance in the film sound off down below in other news naughty dog’s Neil Druckman officially wrapped filming on his episode of the HBO series.

The last of us now in addition to co-writing and executive producing the live-action series Druckman also serves as a director now taken to Twitter Druckman thanked the cast and crew for welcoming him on set and for the overall experience now just for clarity filming for the last of us series is still ongoing.

So we have yet to find out when it will premiere on HBO but as soon as we find out as soon as that news breaks we’ll let y’all know and finally looks like Vin Diesel is trying to squash his beef with the rock.

Now in an Instagram post diesel referring to the massively sized Wayne johnson as his little brother that’s a quote, by the way, quote little brother yeah now he told him it was time for him to come home and join the family at the table for fast 10.

Now in his open letter to the rock, he said quote I say this out of love but you must show up do not leave the franchise idol you have a very important role to play Hobbs can’t be played by no other i hope that you rise to the occasion and fulfill your destiny it’s destiny how the hell do you know the rock’s destiny my man who’s your scribe in life that’s giving you feeding you this information.

Anyways all this over Instagram mind you like did it ever occur to vintage just I don’t know like pick up the phone and call him like I’m sure he has his number but he likely wanted to make this call out in public so that there’s more pressure for the rock to respond not and to respond not just to him but to all the many fast fans out there but I’ll tell you right now real friends call you they don’t jump on Instagram to send you a message that’s all I’m going to say so hold a strong rocky stick to your guns your insanely gigantic guns that man is jacked yes and that was your entertainment fix for today

The entire world is about to forget the peter parker spiderman wait everyone

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